Restoration of your photos is a non destructive digital process.

The aim is to retain and honour the original condition of the image and make it look as natural as possible.

The process starts with a scan of the original photo which is then worked on in Photoshop. 

What i can do for you!

- cropping and resizing to suit common frame sizes

- removal or addition of text and borders

- colour restoration, change to sepia or black and white

- scratch, spot and blemish removal, object and person removal/addition

- removal and replacement of background

- rectifying water and mould damage, fading and discolouring

- repairing major damage like tears, missing sections and facial reconstruction

- prints, canvas and framing is available

- these processes can also be applied to documents, artwork and brochures.


What does it cost?


Improving faded/discoloured photos - Change to black and white/sepia

Colour/contrast/tone improvement - Cropping and composition fixes

Sharpen and enlargement - Small/minor spot and line removal

$30 per image



Everything as per BASIC as well as:

Creases, tears and scratches repaired - Removal or addition of text

Object and stain removal - Water and mould repair

$50 per image



Everything as per BASIC and INTERMEDIATE as well as:

Complex object and stain repair - Person removal/addition

Repair or replacement of missing sections - Background reconstruction 

Re-colouring (colourising) of faded or monotone photos - Facial and clothing reconstruction

$75 to $150 per image




How do i get my photos to you?

The preferred method is to have your photos scanned onto a USB. These can be either emailed or

uploaded to a dropbox for me to access. Your USB can also be delivered/picked up locally

or posted via registered post. Scanning is recommended at 600dpi for maximum image quality.

BigW, Harvey Norman, OfficeWorks or any office supply business should have this service available.

Most home printer/scanners will scan at 300dpi, some at 600dpi.

Set your unit to scan at it's highest resolution/quality. 300dpi is not ideal, but still acceptable.

File formats accepted: jpeg and TIFF. Others may be acceptable as well.

Your restored images can be provided to you on USB or made available from a private

download album on this website.

Alternatively you can post your photographs. Photos posted MUST be done so via Registered Post.

They are returned the same way with return postage added to invoice.

Photos can also be delivered/picked up locally.

'Photo Resto' postal address is:
PO BOX 397 Junee NSW 2663

Email address:



The way it works!

I provide you with a quote and wait for your approval to start.

Within a week i email you a proof to have a look at, critique/comment/approve.
Once you're satisfied with how your order looks i email you an invoice.

Your high resolution images are sent or made available for download once payment is received.

They can also be made available to purchase from a private album on this site individually or

as a bulk lot. This enables you to spread the cost out for large orders.
If ordering prints, please allow 14 days for delivery.


Some notes!

There is (generally) a maximum job lot of ten images per order.

Bulk photo orders can be accommodated and priced by agreement.

Returning clients receive a 20% discount on subsequent orders.

Payment can be made by cash in person, direct deposit or via this website

through PayPal/credit/debit card. 

Prints may also be ordered directly from your album on this website.

All prints are produced by 'NuLab' professional lab on archival quality paper.



DIGITISING IMAGES- basic service

$2.50 per photo.

Your photos are scanned and provided to you on USB or download album.

No restoration work is carried out - Photos can be delivered/picked up locally.

Photos posted MUST be done so via Registered Post.

They are returned the same way with return postage added to invoice.